Raindance Film Festival

"These astonishing debut films..."

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This week's sensational Friday RIOT is Daniel Grasskamp...

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"A beautifully textured film like Cat Skin"

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Showbiz Chicago

Reeeling Film Festival: Lineup of 35th Anniversary

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Chicago Pride

"Festival Highlights: Young love is explored in UK director Daniel Grasskamp's CAT SKIN" 

Radio Giffoni Now

Radio Interview with Director Daniel Grasskamp and Cast Faye Sewell & Isaac Money (1:04.00) 

Film Doo 
Faye Sewell Interview

" I felt it was a film that needed to be made, that was meaningful and heartfelt –

and it was a personal thing to me and a privilege to have the chance to be a part of it".

Giffoni Film Festival

"Gryphon Award Nomination"

PÖFF: Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

"Just Film Selection"

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Reeling Film Festival

"Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature Film"

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Oaxaca Film Fest

"Emergence Award"

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North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

"Best Women's Feature Nomination"

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Fan Trailer

"I love Cat Skin"

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Shooting People
Film of the Month

D A N I E L  G R A S S K A M P

writer & director
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